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Tirano historic center and in the background the town of Sernio and the
mountainous side of Mortirolo

Tirano, ancient capital of the upper district of Valtellina,
already inhabited in prehistoric times, during the Middle Ages it was equipped with
various castles and fortifications of which today only the ruins of the
mighty Tower of the castle of Santa Maria called Castellaccio, some
sections of the walls that the Duke of Milan had built
Ludovico il Moro, and the three doors in the walls: Milanese, Bormina,
Poschiavina (the best preserved). Tirano became famous in the XNUMXth century
for the miraculous apparition of the Madonna (29.09.1504) and for
the construction of the sanctuary dedicated to the Blessed Virgin towards which
many pilgrims converged. The Basilica of the Madonna, which
once represented the bulwark of Catholicism against the
spread of the protested reform, is today the most religious monument
important of the Valley: inside the baroque taste of the
stuccoes and the imposing carved wooden organ. The historic center,
among the most interesting and impressive of the entire Valtellina, in which it is
located the collegiate church of San Martino with the beautiful Romanesque bell tower
Lombard (XNUMXth-XNUMXth century), is rich in noble and ancient palaces such as
Palazzo Marinoni, once a convent of the Augustinians (XNUMXth century) now
municipal seat, and the Quadrio, Salis, Merizzi, Parravicini palaces,
Buttafava, Torelli (XNUMXth century). The
trip with the Red Train of the Rhaetian Railway from Tirano,
crossing the Poschiavo valley and the Bernina Pass it connects the
Valtellina in Saint Moritz, following a path that for its beauty
and for the daring of the track it is considered among the most interesting al
world (this is the highest railway in Europe, 2258 m). Baruffini and
Roncaiola, on the Rhaetian side, charming hamlets of Tirano dominate one
coast entirely planted with vineyards, while Cologna, still in
Municipality of Tirano, on the Orobic side, is located in the third zone
provincial fruit cultivated with apple trees.

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