What do you need to activate the web cam?

The web cam is sent, when the web cam has arrived, just connect it to your router, place the web cam and you are online.

How much does a lookout cost?

The cost of the web cam is one-off and has 3-year warranties, the breakdown assistance service is free forever.

Does streaming have a monthly cost?

No, streaming does not cost a month.

What will I have on my site?

We will provide the player with the video with your logo and weather data if you also buy the weather station, plus your logo for visibility will be posted on the lookout site that will share the layer.

What ADSL line do you need?

Any type of ADSL contract is fine, just connect the webcam and without the need for any technician the webcam will start working.

If the webcam is offline?

Most of the time there is a fault or there may be a power failure.

Why are there more webcams in one place and more in others?

It depends on the requests that are forwarded to us, normally after the first web cam has been installed in one point, other nearby points also require the device, given the consistency of the service.

Is it possible to move the shot?

Generally the shot is decided according to the rules imposed by the guarantor regarding privacy in the points where people are visible, the area shot is declared to people passing by, even if sometimes small corrections are made considering the requests of the users therefore in accordance with the manager and the rules in force we make these changes.

Do the cameras record?

Absolutely not, the data is not kept, there is no form of recording in our clouds, in compliance with the law on panoramic webcams.

Can I install the webcam in my home?

Yes, but mainly we are looking for landscapes